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# SURNAME Firstname, University, location, [* Homepage]

  1. Aaronson, Daniel, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Homepage
  2. Abowd, John, Cornell University, Homepage
  3. Acemoglu, Daron, MIT, Homepage
  4. Addison, John, University of South Carolina, Homepage
  5. Akerlof, George, University of California Berkeley, [* Homepage]
  6. Albrecht, James, Georgetown University, Homepage
  7. Allen, Douglas, Simon Fraser University, Homepage
  8. Allen, Steven, North Carolina State University, Homepage
  9. Alogoskoufis, George, Athens School of Economics, Homepage
  10. Alogoskoufis, George, Athens University of Economics and Business, Homepage
  11. Altman, Morris, University of Saskatchewan, Homepage
  12. Altonji, Joseph, Yale University, Homepage
  13. Alvi, Shafiq, Concordia University, [* Homepage]
  14. Andersen, Torben, Aarhus University, Homepage
  15. Anderson, Patricia, Dartmouth College, Homepage
  16. Andren, Daniela, School of Business, Economics and Law at Göteborg University, Homepage
  17. Andrén, Thomas, Göteborg University, [* Homepage]
  18. Angrist, Joshua, MIT, [* Homepage]
  19. Anxo, Dominique, University of Göteborg, Homepage
  20. Apouey, Bénédicte, University of South Florida - Department of Economics, Homepage
  21. Apps, Patricia, University of Sydney, [* Homepage]
  22. Arif, Mohd, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, Homepage
  23. Arrow, Kenneth, Stanford University, Homepage
  24. Arulampalam, Wiji, University of Warwick, Homepage
  25. Ascah, Louis, Université de Sherbrooke, Homepage
  26. Ashenfelter, Orley, Princeton University, Homepage
  27. Athey, Susan, Stanford University, Homepage
  28. Atkinson, Tony, Nuffield College, Homepage
  29. Autor, David, MIT, Homepage
  30. Baird, Charles, California State University, [* Homepage]
  31. Ball, Sheryl, Virginia Tech, Homepage
  32. Barmby, Tim, University of Aberdeen Business School, Homepage
  33. Barrett, Alan, ESRI, Homepage
  34. Bartel, Ann, Columbia University, Homepage
  35. Bartik, Timothy, Upjohn Institute, Homepage
  36. Bauer, Thomas, IZA, [* Homepage]
  37. Bean, Charles, London School of Economics, Homepage
  38. Beaudry, Paul, The University of British Columbia, Homepage
  39. Becker, Gary, University of Chicago, Homepage
  40. Becker, Sascha, CES, University of Munich, Homepage
  41. Behaghel, Luc, Paris School of Economics (lea, INRA) and Crest-INSEE, Homepage
  42. Beißinger, Thomas, Universität Regensburg, Homepage
  43. Bell, David, University of Stirling, Homepage
  44. Bellmann, Lutz, IZA, [* Homepage]
  45. Belman, Dale, School of Labor and
  46. Belot, Michèle, University of Essex, Homepage
  47. Belzil, Christian, Concordia University, Homepage
  48. Benabou, Roland, Princeton, Homepage
  49. Bender, Keith, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Homepage
  50. Bengtsson, Tommy, Lund University, Homepage
  51. Berger, Mark, University of Kentucky, [* Homepage]
  52. Berman, Eli, University of California, San Diego, [* Homepage]
  53. Berthoud, Richard, University of Essex, Homepage
  54. Bertola, Guiseppe, European University Institute, [* Homepage]
  55. Betts, Julian, University of California,
  56. Björklund, Anders, Stockholm University, Homepage
  57. Black, Dan, University of Chicago, Homepage
  58. Blackaby, David, University of Swansea, [* Homepage]
  59. Blanchard, Olivier, MIT, Homepage
  60. Blanchflower, David, Dartmouth College, Homepage
  61. Blank, Rebecca, University of Michigan, Homepage
  62. Blau, Francine, Cornell University, Homepage
  63. Bloom, Nick, Stanford University, Homepage
  64. Blundell, Richard, University College London and Institue for Fiscal Studies, Homepage
  65. Böckerman, Petri, Labour Institute for Economic Research, Homepage
  66. Boeri, Tito, Bocconi University, Homepage
  67. Bollens, Joost, Catholic University Leuven, [* Homepage]
  68. Booth, Alison, The Australian National University, [* Homepage]
  69. Borghans, Lex, Maastricht Univeristy, [* Homepage]
  70. Borjas, George, Harvard University, Homepage
  71. Bound, John, University of Michigan, Homepage
  72. Bovi, Maurizio, Institute for Studies and Economic Analyses, Homepage
  73. Bowlus, Audra, University of Western Ontario, Homepage
  74. Boyer, George, Cornell University, Homepage
  75. Brainerd, Elizabeth, Williams College, Homepage
  76. Brosius, Jacques, CEPS/INSTEAD, [* Homepage]
  77. Brown, Charles, University of Michigan, Homepage
  78. Brown, Clair, University of California Berkeley, Homepage
  79. Brown, James, Rice University, Homepage
  80. Brueckner, Jan, University of Illinois, Homepage
  81. Brunello, Giorgio, University of Padua, Homepage
  82. Brzinsky-Fay, Christian, WZB, Berlin, Homepage
  83. Buck, Nicholas, University of Essex, Homepage
  84. Bunzel, Henning, Aalborg University, [* Homepage]
  85. Burda, Michael, Humboldt University, Berlin, Homepage
  86. Burdett, Ken, University of Pennsylvania, Homepage
  87. Burgess, Simon, University of Bristol, Homepage
  88. Caballero, Ricardo, MIT, [* Homepage]
  89. Cahuc, Pierre, Université Paris 1, [* Homepage]
  90. Cain, Glen, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Homepage
  91. Calmfors, Lars, Stockholm University, Homepage
  92. Cameron, Gavin, Oxford University, Homepage
  93. Card, David, University of California Berkeley, Homepage
  94. Carmichael, Lorne, Queen's University, Homepage
  95. Caroli, Eve, Université Paris X - Nanterre, Homepage
  96. Carruth, Alan, University of Kent, Homepage
  97. channa, muhammad, university of sindh, [* Homepage]
  98. Chay, Kenneth, University of California
  99. Chiswick, Barry, University of Illinois at Chicago, Homepage
  100. Chiswick, Carmel, University of Illinois at Chicago, Homepage
  101. Christofides, Louis, University of Cyprus, Homepage
  102. Clark, Andrew, Paris School of Economics, Homepage
  103. Cobb-Clark, Deborah, Australian National University, Homepage
  104. Cockx, Bart, Ghent University, Homepage
  105. Compa, Lance, Cornell University, Homepage
  106. Cook, Maria, Cornell University, Homepage
  107. Corak, Miles, Statistics Canada, Homepage
  108. Cornelius, Wayne, University of California, San Diego, Homepage
  109. Cowie, Jefferson, Cornell University, Homepage
  110. Currie, Janet, UCLA, Homepage
  111. Daniel, Cletus, Cornell University, Homepage
  112. Datta Gupta, Nabanita, Aarhus School of Business, Homepage
  113. Davis, Donald, Columbia University, Homepage
  114. Davis, Steven, University of Chicago, Homepage
  115. De Grip, Andries, Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA), Homepage
  116. Dee, Thomas, Swarthmore College, Homepage
  117. Dehejia, Rajeev, Columbia University, [* Homepage]
  118. Dejemeppe, Muriel, Université Catholique de Louvain, Homepage
  119. DeVault, Ileen, Cornell University, Homepage
  120. Di Bartolomeo, Giovanni, University of Rome, Homepage
  121. Diamond, Peter, MIT, Homepage
  122. Dickens, Richard, LSE, [* Homepage]
  123. Dickerson, Andy, University of Sheffield, [* Homepage]
  124. DiNardo, John, University of Michigan, Homepage
  125. Disney, Richard, University of Nottingham, Homepage
  126. Dolton, Peter, University of
  127. Doris, Aedin, NUI Maynooth, Homepage
  128. Duncan, Alan, University of Nottingham, [* Homepage]
  129. Dunlop, John, Harvard University, Homepage
  130. Earle, John, George Mason University, Homepage
  131. Eberts, Randall, Upjohn Institute, Homepage
  132. Eckstein, Zvi, Tel-Aviv University, Homepage
  133. Ehrenberg, Ronald, Cornell University, Homepage
  134. Elias, Peter, Institute for Employment Research, Homepage
  135. Erickcek, George, Upjohn Institute, Homepage
  136. Eriksson, Tor, The Aarhus School of
  137. Esteves, Luiz, Federal University of Parana, Brazil, Homepage
  138. Evans, William, University of Maryland, Homepage
  139. Farber, Henry, Princeton University, Homepage
  140. Feist, Holger, University of Munich, Homepage
  141. Fields, Gary, Cornell University, Homepage
  142. Filer, Randall, City University of New York, [* Homepage]
  143. Filippin, Antonio, University of Milan, Homepage
  144. Fitzenberger, Bernd, University of Mannheim, Homepage
  145. Flabbi, Luca, New York University, Homepage
  146. Flinn, Christopher, New York University, Homepage
  147. Flückiger, Yves, Université de Genève, [* Homepage]
  148. Fonseca, Raquel, RAND Corporation, Homepage
  149. Fontaine, François, Université Paris 1 and CREST, [* Homepage]
  150. Foote, Christopher, Harvard University, Homepage
  151. Fortin, Pierre, Université du Québec à Montréal, Homepage
  152. Fougère, Denis, CNRS, [* Homepage]
  153. Freeman, Richard, Harvard University, Homepage
  154. French, Eric, Federal Reserve Bank
  155. Friedberg, Rachel, Brown University, [* Homepage]
  156. Garibaldi, Pietro, Universita' Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Homepage
  157. Gatti, Donatella, University Paris 13 / CEPN, PSE, CEPREMAP, IZA, [* Homepage]
  158. Gautier, Pieter, Tinbergen Institute Amsterdam, Homepage
  159. Gazier, Bernard, Université Paris 1,
  160. Georgellis, Yannis, Brunel University, Homepage
  161. Gill, Flora, University of Sydney, [* Homepage]
  162. Goerke, Laszlo, Universität Tübingen, Homepage
  163. Gold, Michael, Cornell University, Homepage
  164. Goldin, Claudia, Harvard University, [* Homepage]
  165. Gottfries, Nils, Uppsala University, Homepage
  166. Green, Francis, University of Kent, Homepage
  167. Greenaway, David, University of Nottingham, Homepage
  168. Gregg, Paul, University of Bristol, [* Homepage]
  169. Gronau, Reuben, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Homepage
  170. Gross, James, Cornell University, [* Homepage]
  171. Gruber, Jonathan, MIT, Homepage
  172. GUELL, Maia, University of Edinburgh and Unviversitat Pompeu Fabra, Homepage
  173. Gundogan, Naci, Anadolu University , [* Homepage]
  174. Gustman, Alan, Dartmouth College, [* Homepage]
  175. Hall, Robert, Stanford University, Homepage
  176. Hamermesh, Daniel, University of Texas, Homepage
  177. Hanushek, Eric, Stanford University, Homepage
  178. Harmon, Colm, University College Dublin, Homepage
  179. Hart, Robert, University of Stirling, Homepage
  180. Heckman, James, University of Chicago, Homepage
  181. Heijke, Hans, Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA), Homepage
  182. Hershbein, Brad J., Upjohn Institute, Homepage
  183. Herzog, Henry, University of Tennessee, Homepage
  184. Heywood, John, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Homepage
  185. Hildebrand, Vincent, Glendon College, York University, [* Homepage]
  186. Hildreth, Andrew, University of California
  187. Hirsch, Barry, Georgia State University, [* Homepage]
  188. Hollenbeck, Kevin, Upjohn Institute, Homepage
  189. Holmlund, Bertil, Uppsala University, [* Homepage]
  190. Holtz-Eakin, Douglas, Syracuse University, Homepage
  191. Holzer, Harry, Georgetown Public Policy Institute, Homepage
  192. Honig, Marjorie, City University of New York, Homepage
  193. Houseman, Susan, Upjohn Institute, Homepage
  194. Hoxby, Caroline, Harvard University, Homepage
  195. Hoynes, Hilary, University of California
  196. Hunt, H. Allan, Upjohn Institute, Homepage
  197. Hunt, Jennifer, McGill University, Homepage
  198. Hutchens, Robert, Cornell University, Homepage
  199. Hyclak, Thomas, Lehigh University, Homepage
  200. Hyder, Asma , NUST Business School /National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan, [* Homepage]
  201. Ichino, Andrea, University of Bologna, Department of Economics, Homepage
  202. Ilmakunnas, Pekka, Helsinki School of Economics, Homepage
  203. Ioannides, Yannis, Tufts University, [* Homepage]
  204. Islam, Nizamul, CEPS/INSTEAD, Homepage
  205. Jackman, Richard, London School of Economics, [* Homepage]
  206. Jaeger, David, Graduate Center, City University of New York, Homepage
  207. Jakubson, George, Cornell University, [* Homepage]
  208. Jenkins, Stephen, University of Essex, Homepage
  209. Johnes, Geraint, Lancaster University, Homepage
  210. Johnson, George, University of Michigan, Homepage
  211. Johnson, William, University of Virginia, Homepage
  212. Jones, Derek, Hamilton College, [* Homepage]
  213. Jones, Stephen, McMaster University, Homepage
  214. José Cabral, Vieira, Açores University, Homepage
  215. Junankar, Raja, University of Western Syndney, Homepage
  216. Kahn, Lawrence, Cornell University, Homepage
  217. Kato, Takao, Colgate University, Homepage
  218. Katz, Harry, Cornell University, Homepage
  219. Katz, Lawrence, Harvard University, Homepage
  220. Kaushal, Neeraj, Columbia University, Homepage
  221. Kiefer, Nicholas, Cornell University, [* Homepage]
  222. Killingsworth, Mark, Rutgers University, Homepage
  223. Klinedinst, Mark, University of Southern Mississippi, Homepage
  224. Kniesner, Thomas, Syracuse University, Homepage
  225. Knight, Ben, University of Warwick, Homepage
  226. Knight, John, Oxford University, Homepage
  227. Kostzer, Daniel, University of Buenos Aires, [* Homepage]
  228. Kramarz, Francis, CREST, INSEE, Homepage
  229. Krueger, Alan, Princeton University, Homepage
  230. Kubik, Jeffrey, Syracuse University, Homepage
  231. Kugler, Adriana, University of Houston, Homepage
  232. Kuhn, Peter, University of California, Homepage
  233. Laing, Derek, The Pennsylvania State University, Homepage
  234. LaLonde, Robert, University of Chicago, [* Homepage]
  235. Lachowska, Marta, Upjohn Institute, Homepage
  236. Lancaster, Tony, Brown University, Homepage
  237. Lang, Kevin, Boston University, Homepage
  238. Lange, Thomas, Auckland University of Technology, Homepage
  239. Latreille, Paul, Swansea University, Homepage
  240. Layard, Richard, London School of Economics, Homepage
  241. Lazear, Edward, Stanford University, Homepage
  242. LeBlanc, Greg, Concordia University, Homepage
  243. Lefranc, Arnaud, Université de Cergy-Pontoise, Homepage
  244. Lehmann, Etienne, CREST INSEE, Homepage
  245. Lemieux, Thomas, The University of British Columbia, Homepage
  246. Lentz, Rasmus, Boston University, Homepage
  247. Lesueur, Jean-Yves, Université Lumière Lyon 2, Homepage
  248. Levy, Frank, MIT, [* Homepage]
  249. Lindbeck, Assar, Stockhom University, Homepage
  250. Lundborg, Per, Trade Union Institute for Economic Research (FIEF), Homepage
  251. Lydon, Reamonn, University of Warwick, [* Homepage]
  252. Lynch, Lisa, The Fletcher School, Homepage
  253. MacDonald, Glenn, Washington University, Homepage
  254. Machin, Stephen, University College London, Homepage
  255. Macpherson, David, Florida State University, Homepage
  256. Madsen, Per Kongshoej, University of Copenhagen, Homepage
  257. Magnac, Thierry, Laboratoire d'Economie Appliquée de Paris, Homepage
  258. Malo, Miguel A., Universidad de Salamanca, Homepage
  259. Manning, Alan, London School of Economics, [* Homepage]
  260. Marinescu, Ioana Elena, University of Chicago, [* Homepage]
  261. Martins, Pedro, University of London, Homepage
  262. Masters, Adrian, State University of New York, Homepage
  263. McCormick, Barry, University of Southampton, Homepage
  264. McKinnish, Terra, University of Colorado at Boulder, Homepage
  265. McLaughlin, Kenneth, City University of New York, Homepage
  266. Medoff, James, Harvard University, Homepage
  267. Merrigan, Phil, Université du Québec à Montréal, Homepage
  268. Meyer, Bruce, University of Chicago, Homepage
  269. Michael, Robert, University of Chicago, Homepage
  270. Mincer, Jacob, Columbia University, [* Homepage]
  271. Mitchell, Olivia, University of Pennsylvania, Homepage
  272. Moffitt, Robert, Johns Hopkins University, [* Homepage]
  273. Mora Rodriguez, Jhon James, Universidad Icesi, Homepage
  274. Mortensen, Dale, Northwestern University, Homepage
  275. Mulvey, Charles, LabourNet Australia, Homepage
  276. Munch, Jakob Roland, University of Copenhagen, Homepage
  277. Muro, Juan, Universidad de Alcalá, Homepage
  278. Murphy, Kevin, University of Chicago, [* Homepage]
  279. Naylor, Robin, University of Warwick, [* Homepage]
  280. Neal, Derek, University of Chicago, Homepage
  281. Nickell, Steve, Nuffield College, Oxford, Homepage
  282. Oaxaca, Ronald, University of Arizona , Homepage
  283. O'Leary, Christopher, Upjohn Institute, Homepage
  284. O'Neill, Donal, NUI Maynooth, Homepage
  285. Oreopoulos, Philip, University of Toronto, Homepage
  286. Ortega, Javier, Université des Sciences Sociales de Toulouse, Homepage
  287. Osberg, Lars, Dalhousie University, Homepage
  288. Oswald, Andrew, University of Warwick, Homepage
  289. Pacheco, Gail, Auckland University of Technology, Homepage
  290. Peltzman, Sam, University of Chicago, Homepage
  291. Pencavel, John, Stanford University, Homepage
  292. Pereira, Pedro, Universidade da Madeira, Homepage
  293. Pissarides, Christopher, London School of Economics, Homepage
  294. Poeschel, Friedrich, CEIS, University of Rome "Tor Vergata", [* Homepage]
  295. Postel-Vinay, Fabien, University of Bristol, Homepage
  296. Prakash, Nishith, Dartmouth College, Homepage
  297. Prendergast, Canice, University of Chicago, Homepage
  298. Ranjan, Sharad, Zakir Husain PG Evening College, Universtity of Delhi, [* Homepage]
  299. Rebitzer, James, Weatherhead School of Management, Homepage
  300. Reimers, Cordelia, City University of New York, Homepage
  301. Reutter, Michael, University of Munich, Homepage
  302. Röed, Knut, University of Oslo, [* Homepage]
  303. Rosen, Sherwin, University of Chicago, Homepage
  304. Rossi, Maximo, University of Uruguay - Department of Economics, [* Homepage]
  305. Roth, Alvin, Harvard University, Homepage
  306. Roy, Paul-Martel, Université du Québec à Montréal, Homepage
  307. Saint-Paul, Gilles, Université des Sciences Sociales de Toulouse, Homepage
  308. Salvanes, Kjell, Norwegian Scool of Economics and Business Administration, Homepage
  309. Salverda, Wiemer, University of Amsterdam, Homepage
  310. Samuelson, Larry, University of Wisconsin Madison, Homepage
  311. Sanders, Seth, University of Chicago, Homepage
  312. Sapsford, David, University of Liverpool, Homepage
  313. Schindler, Martin, University of Pennsylvania, Homepage
  314. Schmid, Günther, WZ-Berlin, Homepage
  315. Schöb, Ronnie, University of Munich, Homepage
  316. Sessions, John, University of Bath, Homepage
  317. Shapiro, Carl, University of California
  318. Sicherman, Nachum, Columbia University, Homepage
  319. Siow, Aloysius, University of Toronto, Homepage
  320. Smeeding, Timothy, Syracuse University, Homepage
  321. Smith, Jeffrey, University of Michigan, Homepage
  322. Smith, Nina, University of Aarhus, Homepage
  323. Smith, Robert, Cornell University, Homepage
  324. Sneessens, Henri, Université Catholique de Louvain, Homepage
  325. Snower, Dennis, Birkbeck College,
  326. Solon, Gary, University of Michigan, Homepage
  327. Stafford, Frank, University of Michigan, Homepage
  328. Stewart, Mark, University of Warwick, Homepage
  329. Stiglitz, Joseph, Columbia University, Homepage
  330. Stinebrickner, Todd, University of Western Ontario, Homepage
  331. Storer, Paul, Université du Québec à
  332. Svarer, Michael, University of Aarhus, Homepage
  333. Swaffield, Joanna, LES, Homepage
  334. Sweetman, Olive, NUI Maynooth, Homepage
  335. Telhaj, Shqiponja, London School of Economics and the University of Sussex, Homepage
  336. Ter Weel, Bas, University of Maastricht, Homepage
  337. Thornton, Robert, Lehigh University, [* Homepage]
  338. Thum, Marcel, University of Munich, Homepage
  339. Tilli, Riccardo, University of Rome, Homepage
  340. Todd, Petra, University of Pennsylvania, Homepage
  341. Topell, Robert, University of Chicago, [* Homepage]
  342. Tracy, Joseph, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Homepage
  343. Trussell, James, Princeton University, Homepage
  344. Upward, Richard, University of Nottingham, Homepage
  345. Van der Linden, Bruno, Université Catholique de Louvain, Homepage
  346. Van der Velden, Rolf, Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA), Homepage
  347. Van Dijk, Jouke, University of Groningen, Homepage
  348. Van Reenen, John, LSE, Homepage
  349. Venables, Anthony, Oxford University, [* Homepage]
  350. Venti, Steven, Dartmouth College, Homepage
  351. Vermeulen, Frederic, CentER, Tilburg University, Homepage
  352. Vieira, José, University of Azores, Homepage
  353. Villeval, Marie-Claire, GATE, Homepage
  354. Vroman, Susan, Georgetown University, Homepage
  355. Waddell, Glen, University of Oregon, [* Homepage]
  356. Wadsworth, Jonathan, LSE, Homepage
  357. Walker, Ian, University of Warwick, [* Homepage]
  358. Warren, Ronald, University of Georgia, Homepage
  359. Wasmer, Etienne, Université du Québec à Montréal, [* Homepage]
  360. Weiss, Andrew, Boston University, Homepage
  361. Weiss, Yoram, Tel-Aviv University, Homepage
  362. Welch, Finis, Texas A&M University, [* Homepage]
  363. Werwatz, Axel, DIW Berlin, Homepage
  364. Westergaard-Nielsen, Niels, The Aarhus School of Business, Homepage
  365. Whatley, Warren, University of Michigan, Homepage
  366. Williams, Donald, Kent State University, Homepage
  367. Willis, Robert, University of Washington, [* Homepage]
  368. Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf, University of Linz, Homepage
  369. Wise, David, Harvard University, Homepage
  370. Wolbers, Maarten, Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA), Homepage
  371. Wolfers, Justin, University of Pennsylvania, Homepage
  372. Wolpin, Kenneth, University of Pennsylvania, Homepage
  373. Wong, Linda, University of Iowa, Homepage
  374. Woodbury, Stephen, Upjohn Institute, Homepage
  375. Woods, Jeffrey, California Department of Industrial Relations, Homepage
  376. Wright, Peter, University of Nottingham, Homepage
  377. Wright, Robert, University of Stirling, Homepage
  378. Yellen, Janet, University of California Berkeley, Homepage
  379. Yelowitz, Aaron, University of Kentucky, Homepage
  380. Yuengert, Andrew, Pepperdine University, Homepage
  381. Zenou, Yves, IUI, Stockholm, [* Homepage]
  382. Zimmerman, Christian, Université du Québec à Montréal, Homepage
  383. Zweimüller, Josef, University of Zurich, [* Homepage]
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