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Working Papers

  • List of new working papers (EconPapers) link
  • Search for working papers (IDEAS) link
  • IZA Working Papers link
  • NBER Working Papers link

Online Books

  • Classic Works in Economics, , link
  • Employment and Health Benefits: A Connection at Risk, Marilyn J. Field and Harold T. Shapiro, link
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Lecture Notes

  • Introduction to Labor Economics, Lecture notes by John Kane at Oswego State University of New York, link
  • Labour Economics, Lecture notes by Professor David Autor, MIT, link
  • The Economics of Industrial Relations, Lecture notes by Professor John Van Reenen, LSE, link
  • The economics of labour supply, Lecture notes by Professor Alan Duncan, University of Nottingham, link


  • ETD, Electronic Theses and Dissertations Digital Library, United States, Virginia Tech, link
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  • Research in Labor Economics , The series Research in Labor Economics began in 1977 by Ronald Ehrenberg and JAI Press. Solomon Polachek has been editor since 1995. Since 2006, the series has benefited from affiliating with the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)., link
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